Honouring flow, the water equinox and the sacral chakra

I have always loved the equinoxes of Autumn and Spring, those liminal, in-between zones between the polarities of Summer and Winter.

The autumn equinox is a time to begin the journey inwards, in preparation for winter where we metaphorically, if not literally, go into hibernation.

The name for the festival of the Autumn Equinox in Druidry is Alban Elfed, which means ‘The Light of the Water’. The Wheel turns and the time of balance returns.

Alban Elfed marks the balance of day and night before the darkness overtakes the light. It is also the time of the second harvest, usually of the fruit which has stayed on the trees and plants that have ripened under the summer sun.

It is this final harvest which can take the central theme of the Alban Elfed ceremony – thanking the Earth, in her full abundance as Mother and Giver, for the great harvest, as Autumn begins.

Shamanic practitioner Sandra Ingerman writes of the importance of observing the changes that happen throughout the day and between lunar and seasonal changes. For these phases are not as separate as we make them.

We lose a true sense of flow when we don’t honour the changes in the quality of the light, the movement of the wind, how the earth feels, and the shifts in tides.

Water being our sacral chakra element. This watery equinox also coincides with International Water Day.

Let us honour our own waters, the sweet inner temple of the sacral chakra, and the shift within that intuitively occurs at this liminal time of year.

Enjoy this meditation and prayer from:
Maleda and Womb Matrix Healing


Take some deep breaths into your base chakra at your lower spine, and relax into the hug of Mother Earth

Breathing, inhale all that way up the front surface of your body, expanding in your heart.

Gently open, welcome, and invite the Equinox energies of new life that are showering the planet to shower through and around you, like soft gentle rain.

Breathe in that soft rain of grace, welcoming the Mother of Life’s love, her healing breath of life.

Welcome Her deeply, allow Her to permeate your being, softening any hard edges, relaxing any tense holdings.

As you feel Her gently moving through you, allow this inner prayer to gently unfold from the depths of your being….

“Mother, in this new day, this new cycle of my life,
let me awaken to a greater Love than I have ever known.
Help me to heal the places where I have shut down,
release the places where I hold back.
Let me know the Immense Truth of your Love, deep in my being.
I am ready for you.
I am ready to become your Love for the sake of all of life.”

And then now and in the days to come, listen, simply listen… for this prayer will be answered one way or another, and in countless ways on end.

Deepest blessings of the equinox to you.

Hari om tat sat. Namaste. Blessings.

Christina at Raw Mojo

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