Reboot Your Base Chakra

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you had more energy? If you could be more fully present in your body? If you were free of fear? If you could trust your instincts and listen to the wisdom your body holds? 

The key to all this is the health and vibrancy of the Base Chakra. So, I would like to invite you to this sacred online immersion so you can begin the process of recharging yours. 

I’m Christina and I invite you to join me for the “Reboot your Base Chakra” journey. 

10 sacred days of guided meditations and movement practices designed to energise and balance your body, mind and subtle energy. 

Feel more Energized and alive

“To lose our connection with the body is to become spiritually homeless. Without an anchor we float aimlessly, battered by the winds and waves of life.” Anodea Judith

Chakradance was created by Natalie Southgate. She discovered that moving your energy, by dancing to chakra-specific music, can help you release blockages caused by old stuck, emotional energy. It can help you to re-tune and re-balance your chakras, restoring you to a blissful state of vibrant health and well-being.

The base chakra, known in Sanskrit as “Muladhara”, which means “root support” or “foundation”, is the energy source located at the very base of your spine. 

The base chakra is the one that is in contact with the earth, an energy centre literally acting as our foundation, our grounding force. This chakra contains patterns passed down from our families, both our bloodline and our soul line, making this a powerful chakra to connect with our heritage. 

Without a strong base chakra, our other chakras lack a strong foundation, and so our entire chakra system can be compromised. By strengthening our base, our other chakras can begin to flow with health, vibrance and energy.

In today’s world it is so easy to become un-grounded, to lose ourselves in the business of everyday life. You may notice your energy low, your appetite poor, no enthusiasm or get up n go! These may indicate your experiencing an imbalance in your Base Chakra.

When we balance our base chakra, we can develop a deep trust in our place in the world, and a strong sense of personal safety and security that underlies every step we take in life.

I invite you to join me, Christina, on this Reboot your Base Chakra Journey to experience beautiful meditation, chanting & body movement, all designed to help you release stuck energy and reconnect you with your instincts. 

Are you ready to feel truly comfortable in your own body?

Are you ready to live your life with vibrancy and presence?

Are you ready to make a commitment to your own health and wellbeing?

If so, join us on this new Journey.

My hope for you is that this Journey will act as a stepping-stone into a new way of life for you. You will experience the extra energy levels, the grounded sensation of really being present in your body, and the deepened sense of radiance and vitality. 

The tools and techniques that you experience on this journey can be integrated into your everyday life.

This journey will bring you back into your body, help to ground you and bring a deeper connection to Mother Earth. 

In this workshop you will…

1. Reconnect with the forgotten wisdom of your body

2. Learn powerful techniques for building communication with your body and the symptoms it gives you.

3. Learn tools for grounding your energy and becoming more present in the now.

4. Release blocked energy you are holding in your body.

5. Meet your power animal and learn to trust your own inner instincts.

6. Experience the power of chanting and movement to charge your base chakra.

Your Reboot your Base Chakra Journey includes:

  • Guided meditations
  • Movement and dance
  • Practical exercises and information
  • Mandala art making
  • Journaling

Days 1 – 3 – Body Awareness 

Days 4 – 6 – Power Animal 

Days 7 – 9 – Base Mantra and Mantra-Dance 

Day 10 – Sacred Closing

Join us for this grounding and nourishing journey within. 

Bookings essential

Totally suitable for beginners.

Please contact me with any questions or to register your interest for the next round in 2021

Namaste, Christina ?


CHAKRADANCE is a dance practice for body and soul. It combines spontaneous dance, guided imagery and music that resonates deeply with each in turn of the seven major chakras – the energy centres that integrate and regulate our physical, mental and emotional energies. 

CHAKRADANCE is almost like entering into a waking dream. Specifically selected and composed music, and tailored visualizations help you tap into your inner world. You close your eyes and surrender to the music. From here the process involves letting the movements emerge spontaneously. As the music’s vibrations affect you, you may see images in your mind’s-eye, recall memories or gain insights related to each chakra. You may also feel emotions or physical sensations.

Can the music really help balance a person’s chakras?

Each of the seven chakras vibrates at its own frequency. Music is able to balance the chakras by using the sound vibrations to tune each energy center. The music is modern dance music with specific musical tones that resonate with the chakras. Interwoven with the music are the pure tones of crystal bowls sourced from across the globe, that release a vibrational sound field that is an essential ingredient of each dance.

*Please note you will need to download the music tracks for this course and save to a computer or laptop, not a phone or device, and then transfer them.