The Heart Chakra

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, you need to decide what difference you want to make.” Jane Goodall

This week we journey into Anahata, the heart chakra. This is the chakra of love and compassion.

When the heart chakra is open and balanced, we are able to walk through life with heart. Walking with heart means walking through life with loving kindness and generosity.

Throughout our lives, it is inevitable that we experience pain in our hearts. We get hurt in relationships. This is part of the human journey. 

These sufferings can cause us to shut down our hearts so that we don’t feel the pain. But when we close our hearts for protection, we also close our hearts to the flow of love, forgiveness and compassion.

The Sanskrit word for the heart chakra is अनाहत, Anāhata, meaning “un-struck.” This name conceptualises the idea that the heart is resonant, an ‘unstruck’ instrument echoing the sounds of the celestial realm, as they manifest in our own unique being.

Anahata also means unhurt and unbeaten. Which is a nice image for those feeling a little weary of heart.

I must have read that word  – unstruck – about a hundred times, but every time I read it as ‘un-stuck’. So I’m going to go with that. It makes sense to me that I could get ‘unstuck’ through opening my heart chakra.

So how do I get my heart unstuck? How do I get unstuck from the past and into present moment awareness?

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.” Dalai Lama

Movement, sound and breath are the keys for me. Moving freely with my arms open, breathing deeply, expanding my chest and lungs, as I dance to harmonious music, always brings me back to my heart centre.

As Anahata is related to the element air, it is accessible through the breath. 

Visualising breathing through your heart centre, imagining love-filled light entering your body via your heart is a wonderful heart-opening exercise.

In Chakradance, to dance the heart chakra is to move with lightness, joy and compassion. 

In this dance we have the intention of gently beginning to let go of the hurts in our hearts so that we can open to pure love. The Heart Chakradance is like a ritual for healing your heart.

We begin with the ‘white light’ moving meditation, before moving into the dance. We will finish by creating a mandala artwork, and we’ll have a short time for feedback and sharing, before our closing meditation.

In Chakradance, we move the arms to feel uplifted, light and free, we dance a soaring journey of love, compassion and joy.

“Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.” Confucius

Through your heart chakra, you have the choice to expand your consciousness through the power of love, openness and receptivity, or contract your consciousness through the power of fear.

The heart is so much more than the source of romantic love, many cultures believe the heart chakra is the seat of your soul in your body.

The heart is the ‘other’ mind of our body, the wisdom centre of the soul, and it is far more responsible for governing our lives and actions than we give it credit for.

Meditating on the heart chakra helps to shift from ego-based, fearful actions, or karma, to resonating with the energy of our higher self, and what yogis might call dharma or higher purpose.

Come and dance the Heart Chakradance Journey with us, save your spot here

Hari om tat sat. Namaste. Blessings,


Heart Chakradance this Thursday 23 August at The Revitalise Centre 

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Good vibrations – how sound balances our chakras

“Each of the seven chakras vibrates at its own frequency. Music is able to balance the chakras by using the sound vibrations to tune each energy centre. Chakradance music has a lasting effect. The vibrations continue to pulse outward into our energy field long after the sounds have stopped playing. The more we experience these healing sounds, the greater and the more permanent the effect. When the music is combined with spontaneous dance, the healing effect is magnified.” 

Natalie Southgate


How does sound balance our chakras?

Everything around us is made up of energy and vibration. The atoms and molecules that make up the earth and the trees, our bodies, and everything in our world, are buzzing with their own unique vibrational frequency.

Everything has a frequency. Inside our bodies, our organs, bones, and cells, all vibrate at their natural frequencies.

We know that the external sounds we hear through our ears, and feel through our body, can affect our central nervous system. Just think of the fright you get when a door is slammed.

On the other end of the spectrum, harmonic sound can facilitate shifts in our brainwave state, synchronising our fluctuating brainwaves by providing a stable frequency which the brainwaves can attune to.

Using specific rhythms and frequencies, we can entrain our brainwaves in order to down-shift our normal brainwaves to a deeply calm level where spontaneous internal healing can occur – as it does when we meditate or sleep.

Particular frequencies of sound resonate with particular chakras, and in a similar way using specific sounds, we can synchronise and attune the chakra system to its optimal frequency, balancing and releasing any discordant energy.

Sound has always been a central element to working with the chakra system. The sounds of the Sanskrit – ancient Indian – language are seen as uniquely powerful vibrations that form part of a practice designed to bring about a spiritual awakening.

The role of the chakra system is to help regulate the human energy field

The human energy field, commonly known as the subtle body or aura, is a dynamic, energetic matrix, which includes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being.

There is a kind of feedback loop which occurs between the energy of the chakras and the physical body. An imbalance in our subtle body can manifest as a physical or emotional issue.

Similarly, when we balance and harmonise our chakra system, it supports physical and emotional healing.

This kind of chakra balancing has traditionally been done using sound, whether chanting, singing bowls, drums or other musical instruments.

Many spiritual traditions see sound as the basic element of all creation. The ancient Indian Vedic texts described elemental sounds that resonated as the universe was in creation. By tapping into these sounds, it is believed that we can tap into these divine vibrations, and in doing so, align and balance our own vibrational subtle energy field.

The most common mantras used with the chakras relate to the element associated with an aspect of that chakra. So LAM is the seed mantra of the earth element, VAM of water, RAM of fire, YAM of air and HAM of space. And OM, is the universal mantra.

Chakradance creator, Natalie Southgate, noticed that certain music carried a unique resonance with different chakra centres.

As she danced to different frequencies of music, her free-flowing movements started to guide her into the inner power ignited within her chakras. The discovery that she could have direct experience with her chakras, through spontaneous movements to specific sounds, was the birth of Chakradance.

In Chakradance, we weave sound and movement in a ‘mantra-dance’ which intensifies our self-expression and creativity

In the throat Chakradance, we intone the mantra HAM as we dance in a world made purely of sound.

It’s a transportive experience, as the vibration of the music and the chanting, with the gentle movement of our bodies, releases us into a deeper state of consciousness and inner spiritual connection.

When the dance is over people are often surprised to learn they were chanting for 20 minutes, it seems like no time at all when we tap into that awareness outside of time and space.

The music in Chakradance is beautifully and artfully layered in sounds.

Beneath the beat and melody are layers of Tibetan and crystal bowls, bells, percussion, chants and other vibrational frequencies designed to activate each chakra. It’s like bathing your senses in sound.

From the deep resonance of Tibetan chanting in the opening meditation and the reverberating base tones of the didgeridoo in the base chakra, the sounds become higher and higher in vibration as we work our way up the chakras.

So Chakradance works on so many levels simultaneously, from the subtlest vibrations of sound to the beats and melody that inspire us to move our body and to make our own sounds.

As I dance, I imagine my body, all of my cells, my bodily systems, my energy body, is like a beautifully free-flowing dance troupe, twirling and leaping around in absolute unbridled joy and harmony.

As all these parts of my being move to these sound vibrations, energy shifts, tension is soothed, emotional blocks are released, stress dissipates. I emerge re-arranged, rejuvenated and transformed. It’s like a whole new me!

The Humming Breath

Try this simple sound healing technique which is a great throat chakra activator…

Sit in a comfortable position with a straight spine.

Begin by exhaling as much air as possible from your lungs before taking in a deep, slow breath through your nose, refilling your lungs. On your next exhalation, make a soft humming sound like a bee.

When you run out of breath, take another deep inhalation, continuing the humming sound as you exhale.

Begin with a few minutes practice, working up to 10-15 minutes at a time. When you have finished your humming breath practice, lie down and relax for a few minutes.


Namaste, Christina 

Upcoming classes:

Base Chakradance @ Revitalise (Thursday 2 August)

Throat Chakradance Journey (Sunday 5 August)

My Journey

Let me share a little of my journey to Chakradance.

Five years ago I had just turned 40. I was a single, working mum, having navigated several difficult divorce years, I thought life was about to get good again.

Then I crashed, physically, emotionally, every which way. I was exhausted, depressed and physically suffering from all these mystery illnesses.

I was so tired I couldn’t wait for the kids to go to bed so I could lie down and rest. I even woke up tired.

It was a very frightening time and all I wanted was to get my ‘mojo’ back. At the time I was writing about wellness, the irony, I know! And in my research I discovered Chakradance.

I have always loved dancing, but I was more of a dancing by myself around the lounge room kind of girl than dancing in public.

Chakradance was perfect because we danced in a gently lit room with our eyes closed.

For me, it was an hour just to myself. The music was beautiful, I closed my eyes, let the music flow through me, listening to the gentle guided meditation and just moving my body however I liked.

Afterwards I always felt fabulous. I had more energy and I often felt that in the deeply relaxed space of the dance, I gained insights into my life and found that the answers to things that were bothering me came quite intuitively.

But what if I can’t dance…?

That’s okay. 

Chakradance is a gentle yet fun practice that meets you where you are. It doesn’t matter if you think you can’t dance, if you feel self-conscious about your body or if you have mobility issues. Chakradance is just about letting the music move your body and energy in whatever way feels right for you.

For me Chakradance restored my ‘mojo’ – that vitality and engagement in life. I feel so much more present in my life. It connects me to an experience of calm, clarity, healing, releasing, and balancing, that flows into all aspects of my life.

Chakradance is some time just for me – an hour of free-flowing dancing in a safe and softly-lit space with other like-minded women (and men).

Do you know someone who could use a little mojo in their lives? Why not grab a friend a give it a go?

The gorgeous new wellness hub, The Revitalise Centre in Glen Iris is offering a special deal to bring a friend to Chakradance for free.

Try Chakradance and bring a friend for free!

Thursday’s at 7.30pm from July 26

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Christina is a chakradance facilitator, shamanic practitioner and wellbeing writer. She is passionate about wellbeing and brings her extensive knowledge though studies in the chakra system, yoga, shamanism and reiki to her practice.

Detox your mind and body through your chakras

People often think the chakras are all mystical and esoteric, but the chakras have some really tangible effects in our lives.

When out of balance, they can stagnate with emotional energy from fear, shame and anxiety. What we want is to keep our energy moving and over the next few posts, I am going to talk about some ways to do that.

Do you know that your physical body stores your blocks and fragmentations? All that unresolved ‘stuff’ – held emotions, toxic beliefs about yourself, programs from childhood, they can all be stored as energy at a cellular level in your body.

Do you know that you have innate capabilities for changing your life through working with the energy portals in your body? Every aspect of your life, relationships, family, business, health, wealth.

All change that happens in your life goes through your physical structure, your body. ALL change in your life happens through your body. Unawareness of this process can cause fragmentation, dis-ease and stagnation in your life, because of the stuck energy trapped in your body.

In Chakradance, what we are doing is allowing you, gracefully and with ease, to transform these blocks so you have clear access to achieve your life goals. Whatever that may be for you, greater vitality and health, being more present and mindful in your life, success, joy. You may be unknowingly blocking yourself off from these wonderful things, because of these held energy patterns in your body.

In Chakradance we use movement and sound as a way to activate our energy centres, and move this stagnant energy, naturally shifting any stuckness or blocks as the key to freedom from what holds us back.

Movement through your body allows energy to flow, it can trigger blockages to shift and cause accumulated energies to be released or redistributed and balanced.

Movement brings you into your physicality, brings your energy down from your head into your body, allowing a real connection with not only your physical self, but the physicality of the world around us. When you become fully present in this way, great healing and transformation flows effortlessly through you.

You don’t have to know how electricity works to turn the light on, the good news is you don’t have to know how chakras work for them to work. (Like most things your body does, it’s all working away quietly in the background anyway.)

Chakras can be described as processing centres of energy and information, as well as gateways for this energy and information to flow into, out of, and through.

Linking the chakras are a series of energy channels that, in their purest and unimpeded form, constantly flow and spiral up and down the spinal column, keeping our energetic system in connectivity to both the earth and ethereal energy above, with the chakras like little hubs in between.

Note that when I refer to ‘energy’ I use the term to describe the concept used in many traditions of the vital life force energy, or also known as prana or qi. The same kind of energy used in techniques like Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and yoga. There’s a reason why these energy techniques have been around for millennia, because they work!

Chakradance is an easy way for you to shift so much stuff, so quickly and easily. Chakradance is a joyful experience, so you can enjoy the process, without the treatment table, just dancing!

Raw Mojo Chakradance gives you a safe and intimate space where you are guided to allow yourself to flow while you explore your energy body with this simple method. The room is candle-lit, you move with your eyes closed, so there’s no need to feel self-conscious. This is an inner journey.

Chakradance is a simple, safe and effective self-healing modality. Once you are familiar with the practice, you can even do it at home.

Want to try it?

I am offering weekly classes of the Chakradance Freedom Series. You can come to all seven chakras, one each week, or just the ones that appeal to you. The series will focus on specific areas of your life, each chakra will relate to aspects of your life.

On Tuesday and Thursday nights, we journey into a different chakra each week.

For those who have done Chakradance before, you will find the Freedom Series a little different. For one, it’s a shorter and more concise session. Starting with a white light meditation to really get your vital life force energy flowing, and then in a guided moving meditation, you will meet a spirit guide to take you into the energy of the chakra.

Over the series, you will meet seven guides to take you on a deep, inner voyage into the seven inner worlds of your subtle energy body or chakras.

The most important practice is the one you do in your aloneness. As you go into your own meditation, the world starts to fade, and what starts to happen in you is the celestial glow of self starts to get established. And it is of paramount importance that we really cultivate this self-practice. Take the time out. Anand Mehrotra

Hari om tat sat. Namaste. Blessings.

Christina at Raw Mojo

Upcoming classes at Raw Mojo Chakradance

Thursday night Chakradance classes at The Revitalise Centre in Glen Iris
Chakradance – Rhythm for your soul