My Journey (or how I got my Mojo back)

Hi I’m Christina. Allow me share a little of my journey to Ms Raw Mojo with you.

Seven years ago I turned 40. I was a single, working mum, and having navigated several difficult divorce years, I thought life was about to get good again.

Then I crashed, physically, emotionally, every which way. I was exhausted, depressed and physically suffering from all these mystery illnesses.

I was so tired I couldn’t wait for my son to go to bed so I could lie down and rest. I napped during my lunch hour at work. I even woke up tired.

One day I tried to get up and I couldn’t. I just collapsed by my bed and cried. I called a girlfriend who gently suggested maybe it was time I got some help.

Doctors (yes, I tried a few) couldn’t really see any one major issue. Just lots of “little,” apparently unrelated, ones. I was diagnosed with Anaemia. Low absorption of nutrients. Digestive issues. Adrenal fatigue. Menstrual issues. Depression and anxiety. Chronic Fatigue. Amongst other things. One doctor told me I was on a fast-track to autoimmune disease.

It was a very frightening time and all I wanted was to get my ‘mojo’ back. At the time I was writing about wellness, the irony, I know! And in my research I discovered Chakradance.

I have always loved dancing, but I was more of a dancing by myself around the lounge room kind of girl than dancing in public.

Chakradance was perfect because we danced in a gently lit room with our eyes closed.

For me, it was an hour just to myself. The music was beautiful, I closed my eyes, let the music flow through me, listening to the gentle guided meditation and just moving my body however I liked.

Afterwards I always felt fabulous. I had more energy and I often felt that in the deeply relaxed space of the dance, I gained insights into my life and found that the answers to things that were bothering me came quite intuitively.

It was interesting to me as I learned about my chakras, which are really a map of the energy body, to look at what was manifesting in my physical body, weak blood (life force), an inability to digest and absorb life, and an overactive glandular system trying to make up for a low energy environment.

It was interesting to me that many of my issues were of the lower three chakras. When I finally saw an Ayurvedic doctor in India, he explained how my base chakra was so faint it was almost as if I wasn’t really embodied IN the world at all.

I now look back on that time as a cry for help from within. It’s like I was dying from malnutrition, not so much of the physical kind, even though it manifested that way, but at a much deeper level.

As I have activated my chakras, and learned techniques to fully energise my whole energy environment, my health, vitality and lust for life not only improved but continues to be the best it’s ever been.

Chakradance was the practice that set me on this path of self discovery.

But what if I can’t dance…?

That’s okay.

Chakradance is a gentle yet fun practice that meets you where you are. It doesn’t matter if you think you can’t dance, if you feel self-conscious about your body or if you have mobility issues. Chakradance is just about letting the music move your body and energy in whatever way feels right for you.

Chakradance is unique in the way it allows you to have an experience of your chakras through chakra-resonant music, guided meditation and spontaneous free-flowing movement or dancing.

For me Chakradance restored my ‘mojo’ – that vitality and engagement in life. I feel so much more present in my life. It connects me to an experience of calm, clarity, healing, releasing, and balancing, that flows into all aspects of my life.

I discovered Chakradance on my healing journey and was so amazed by how powerful it was, as well as how much I loved doing it, and how good it made me feel, that I became a facilitator to share this goodness with others.

That’s why I called myself Ms Raw Mojo and my business Wild Grace. Because I am devoted to helping others find a way back to their vitality and connection to source energy, to their feeling of wildness, to bouncing out of bed in the morning, and being in lust with life. 

Chakradance is some time just for me – a time of free-flowing dancing in a safe and softly-lit space with other like-minded people.

Do you know someone who could use a little mojo in their lives? Why not grab a friend a give it a go?



Christina is a Chakradance facilitator, Sattva yoga teacher, holder of sacred space, and wellbeing writer. She is passionate about wellbeing and brings her extensive knowledge though studies in the chakra system, yoga, shamanism and reiki to her practice.

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