Chakradance – the journey within

It’s hard to believe that a year ago I was crowdfunding in order to do the Chakradance facilitator training.

Never could I have imagined how this journey has, and continues, to unfold.

Chakradance has shown me how to tap into the vast reservoir of spiritual strength, guidance, and power, that all people contain within.

Each chakra has its lessons, the physicality of the base, the sensuality of the sacral, the power of the solar plexus, the love of the heart, the expression of the throat, the vision of the third eye, and the divinity of the crown.

Each chakra has unfurled like a blossoming flower showing me previously undiscovered gifts, opportunities for healing and growth.

I encourage you to come along on this magical, mystical journey with me.

Join me for the next Chakradance class here…


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