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I thought I would start the New Year with a series of Chakra Mantra chants.

Mantras are specific sounds which have long been used to activate the chakras by chanting the sound that resonates to the particular chakra vibration.

Sound is probably THE most powerful way to activate and balance your chakra system.

When I was in India I visited an ayurvedic doctor who prescribed mantra meditation for me.

He noticed my base/root chakra Muladhara – which literally means root support – needed activating. An underactive root chakra had left me feeling dizzy, disconnected and unsupported in life.

So let’s start at the root and practise this daily for 7 days and each week I will guide you through the next chakra meditation using freely available videos on YouTube.

Here’s the video with the mantra sound you can chant along to.

To begin, sit comfortably with your butt or feet connected to the floor. Really feel that connection to the solid earth supporting you. As you breathe in draw energy through your crown chakra at the top of your head.

Draw this energy down to your base chakra, located at the base of your spine. You may like to visualise the colour red here. Tighten your pelvic floor muscles – or Mula bandha – as you exhale chant the mantra “Lam.”

Let the sound be your exhale. Feel the sound vibrating through your base chakra. Imagine the sound pushing down through your root chakra as you connect with the earth.

If it feels like too much to focus on the breathing and the bandha and the sound, just focus on the sound and put your attention onto the base of your spine. 

I find our energy body meets us where we are, responding to the intention and the sound vibration, so you don’t need to do it perfectly. You can always fine-tune the practice as you get used to it.

Having a balanced root chakra will help you feel secure, grounded and provide ease of physical movement.

It will also provide a good foundation for your whole chakra system.

Repeat this for a few minutes each day and notice how much more present and stable you feel.

Hari Om Tat Sat. Namaste. Blessings.

Try Chakradance – Rhythm for your soul

Art credit: the beautiful work of Sheranda Ann Kumara features in this week’s post

Chakradance as soul work 


People often ask me if they should keep coming to Chakradance as an ongoing practice.

Yes, you love Chakradance, you have experienced great results, but after you’ve done a chakra cycle, well, you have done it already, right?

My experience is that each time I dance in the energy of a chakra, something new emerges, it’s like peeling the layers of that proverbial onion, there’s always a new layer to explore.

Let’s ask Chakradance founder, Natalie Southgate for her thoughts on the matter.

What is the purpose of Chakradance? And, is that purpose ongoing?

Natalie describes Chakradance as “transformational soul work.”

She says that when you dance a chakra, you allow what is in that chakra to rise up to be healed. As these energies begin to move, you experience life through the lens of this chakra.

Natalie suggests “try and be in the energy of the chakra for that whole week. Take Chakradance out of the classes and into your life” and “start to heal and transform in this commitment to the practice.”

Say for example in the sacral chakra, you may experience life deeply though the lens of your senses and emotions, your sexuality and your creativity. You may find yourself very awakened to your senses, or notice your sensuality bubbling up with pleasure. Any blocks in these aspects of self, that are ready to come up, will arise to be processed and released.

As you go through the cycle, through this process with all seven chakras, you are literally moving energy around all those aspects of self, you are transforming your self. So then when you return back to the beginning, to begin the next cycle of transformation, you discover another aspect of that chakra that is ready to rise and be healed. As Natalie says “the next part is revealed to heal and integrate.”

So in answer to the second question, yes, it’s an ongoing process. It is “a commitment to practice.”

That said, after completing an 8 week cycle, many people need a resting period, a space for the healing to integrate. This will vary from person to person, some people are raring to go again, others take longer to process the changes. Once that has happened, it’s back to the soul work to experience the next level of transformation that’s waiting for you.

As someone who has practiced Chakradance regularly for two years, I can absolutely attest to the benefits of continuing to practice, and really, what a beautiful way to do soul work. Of all the methods I have tried, Chakradance is not only the most powerful, but the most pleasurable.

And because it is so enjoyable, I am happy to do it regularly, and that to me is the key to any spiritual practice.

If you’re interested in doing the 8 week Freedom cycle, the next cycle starts on Tuesday May 23 – also running on Thursdays – and you can book your place here Raw Mojo on Eventbrite