Full Value Living: 21 Days online practice to awaken flow, abundance and purpose in your life

Join me, certified yoga teacher Christina Davidson, for a special self-care ritual, 21 Day Sadhana: Full Value Living 

You will learn how to work with sacred energetics sequenced through movement, breath, mantra and meditation, to manifest your deepest desires, your deepest life purpose.

We will draw upon the beautiful energy of the Golden Goddess, Lakshmi, who generously bestows gifts both material and spiritual, sharing her blessings of love, wealth, beauty and spiritual enlightenment.

These practices invoke the energy of Lakshmi, divine flow, pleasure, abundance and purpose, known as Shri. These practices will guide you deep into Lakshmi’s energy field of divine sweetness, power, generosity and attraction.

From conscious movement to peaceful meditations, prepare to be awakened, blessed and transformed through the grace of the Golden Goddess of Shri, the energy of Lakshmi. 

These practices unite the head and the heart wisdom and abundance, the shiva and shakti energies within us, to allow an open channel of wisdom, abundance and love to flow through us. 

Why is this immersion, unlike any other chakra workshop you’ve done? Well, it’s about YOU. Accessing YOUR personal connection to your vital life force energy.

What you’ll receive:

A one hour Sacred Sadhana yoga practice to practice weekly 

A shorter Sacred Sadhana yoga practice to use daily 

Weekly wisdom talks

Weekly Q & A sessions

Integrative practices using free movement (dance) and sound

Access to the private Facebook community

This integrative practice focuses on manifesting abundance in your life through aligning your energy with the energy of Shri, the sacred creative feminine energy. It combines various pranayama and kriya techniques and mantra meditation to help stabilize, centre and integrate! 

About Christina:

Christina, founder of Raw Mojo, creates nurturing, safe and sacred spaces – both virtual and physical – where you can connect with your inner essence.

Raw Mojo aims to reconnect you to your inner spark and activate your life force, purpose and vitality. 

Raw Mojo stands for integrity, authenticity and passion in everything that we do.

Christina is a 500 hours RYT accredited Sattva Yoga teacher and Chakradance facilitator and member of Yoga Alliance.

About the practice:

Sadhana literally means to accomplish something with skillful reverence. This immersion will focus on balancing the energy in the body with the use of asana, pranayama, meditation, free movement and life action steps. 

This class is suitable for all levels, all abilities, but not for the closed-minded, be open for anything and everything to come up here!

In addition to yoga poses, we will explore pranayamas, meditations, affirmations, free movement and relaxation techniques guiding us into a transcendental state.

You will be able to use these videos each day to do your Sadhana practice.

Full Value Living: 21 Day Sadhana to awaken your flow, abundance and purpose.

Bookings via Eventbrite

Full Value Living exchange $77 for 21 days (payment plans available on request)

Please ensure you check the email address you book in with for all upcoming details and information.

You will have access to the videos beyond the timeframe of the Sadhana Series to enable you to complete your immersion. 

I so look forward to taking this journey with you.